Sanai choughade 2008 ( Marathi Movie ) Kande Pohe

02 Jul

In the Era of 21st century gobalization is rnrepeatable part of our life. Especially in the metro cities, many of us prefers shopping malls even for vegetables then the small shops. ‘Naturally our marriage system, relations and even social structure is changed a lot because of influence of of  global culture. ‘ Sanai – choughade’ is the bold 9mentally) cover all these aspects and provokes audiences to think about the success.

The story moves arond sai. Her elder niece urmila and jija shrikatn promises her maother on death bed that they will be responsibile for sai marriage. sai starts staying with urmila and shrikant after her moms death. urmila and shrikant had gone through a love marriage and were completey unaware of the ‘Typical Maharastrian arrange marriage system’ After taking many bad experience in finding a groom for sai, they come to know about a marriage bureau handled by Rahul borgavkar. The bureau name is ‘ Kande – Pohe’= The modern bureau according to Rahul b believes on logical match making thean a traditional one. They organised a trip to hill station. In doing so the bureau wanted the partner to get familiar with the partner, understand each other before making the final decision. There sai meets Aditya, Aditya falls in love with sai and they click. But then sai reveals her psast that she was in love with Shreyas Talpade and when they were going to get married he became a pawn of destiny and died in an accident. Sai gives birth to a child. Now wil Aditya accept Sai’s Past? The reaction of the other people who represents society and When issue like a unwed mom comes how they become God and judge others.What will Rahul B ( Bureau owner) take to keep up the motto of his bureau ‘ Nothing is Impossible’. The story developes swiftly and gives aswer to all these question.The script writer – sanjay pawar and The director Rajiv patil have a handled such a sensitive issue efficiently and given a different but certainly nice experience to Audiences, Specially in Marathi Cinema. Sai Tamhankar and subodh Bhave have been the lead characters in the movie. Bothe have done very well. Subodh Bhave has done it well i should say. confidence and facial expressions made him one of the best actor in the movie, The way he is serious in his job the confidence in which he discusses and supports Sai in her crucial and testing moments. Job well done Subodh. Specially sai its her first movie and I hope to see her in many more. As a supporting actors shilpa Tulaskar and Tushar Dalvi. chinmay mandlekar have realy done a good job even if it meant a small Role.

Music – Avdhoot Gupte has Again come up with some good music for this movie. The song ‘Kande Pohe’ sung by sunidhi chauhan has been used in the whole movie.

Premat Padato jagato yeta jata ……. Shanana nana nana ….. – is also good peppy number.

Avdhoot you are still the best…..

( Rememeber Avdhoot is the same person who made the song jai jai Maharashtra hindi verion)

The cinematography have done a good job especially in the hill area scene where the climax of the movie is shot.

Hats of to Rajiv patil for handling such a sensitive topic(pre-marital pregnancy) atleast among the hindu community in Maharashtra. The Story started in a lighter note and ends in a Serious Issue.

With Movie like Sanai Choughade, Me shivaji Raje Bhosale Boltoy, swaas- Marathi cinema is knocking the door of Gobalisation, Only issue we from maharastra have to give importance to Marathi cinema the same way We Give to Bollywood Movie.

Miss or Mrs Dipti Talpad thank you for producing such a lovely movie. such a simple nice movie with a sensitive issue and in a commerciall movie, It takes guts and Risk and I am sure the review your movie has got, you are a satisfied person.

Sanai – Choughade  delivers a message to our close Minded society.  Thank you Dipti and Rajiv for such a lovely and Meaningfull movie which is rare to see now days.

A muct see movie………………………..

Producer                   : Dipti Talpade

Director & Story  : Rajeev Patil

Camera                     : Pushpank Gawde

Music                         : Avadoot Gupte

Cast : Sai Tamhankar, Shilpa Tulaskar, Tushar Dalvi, Santosh juvekar, subodh bhave, Sushant Shela, Meghna Erande & Bharti Aacharekar,

Special Appearance – Shreyas Talpade

Umesh Jadhav, Subodh Bhave, Deepti Talpade, Rajeev Patil, Awadhoot Gupte,
Farah Khan, Tushar Dalvi, Sai Tamhankar, Shreyas Talpade

1) Sha Na Na Na…………

Film – Sanai Chaughade
Singer – Avadhoot Gupte, Janhavi Prabhu


2) Kandepohe Clu Mix

Film – Sanai Chaughade
Singer – Avadhoot Gupte, Shreyas Talpade


FIlm – Sanai Chnaughade
Singer – Sunidhi Chauhan

Chandra Mi Soorya Mi

Film – Sanai Chughade
Singer – Avadhoot Gupte

sanai choughade

Bhijalelya kshananna aathavaneechee fodani,
haladeesathee aasurlele halve man aani kantee
aayushya he chulivarlya, kadhaeetale, kandepohe

Naatyanchya hya bajaratun vikretyanchi dati,
aani mhane to varacha julavi shatjanmachya gathee,
roj natave roj sajaave dharun aasha khotee,
pane mitunee lajalupari punha ughadyasathee,
aayushya he chulivarlya, kadhaeetale, kandepohe

Durdeshichya rajkumarachi swapne pahatanna,
kunitari yaave haluch magun dhyaneemanee nasatanna,
nakalat aapan haravoon jave swatas mag japtanna
aayushya he chulivarlya, kadhaeetale, kandepohe

Bhutakalchya dhun akshada tandul kele jyanee,
aani sajavala khota rukhawat bhadyachya bhandyani,
bhavishya aata rangavanyacha attahasahi tyancha
hatavarchya mehndivar otun limbache panee
aayushya he chulivarlya, kadhaeetale, kandepohe

Premat padato jo to yeta jata,

Premat padato jo to yeta jata,
pan sawaralo tujha hota hota
he ved aahe na
pan god aahe na,
hi odh aahe ji
ti god aahe na.

tar mag shanana na na na …

ya galanvarchee hee adheer lalee
othanvar yenya kaa aatoor jhalee
maanevar nakshi haluvaar nakhanchi
hee god vedana, tujhi aathavan zhalee.
nasel tee udyaa, pan aaj aahe na.
tar mag shanana na na na…

ha angavar ka yeyi shahara,
ka shwasat wahe ushn wara,
ya viskatlelya kesanmadhala
nakos lapau chandra gora,
nasel to udya
pan aaj aahe na,
tar mag shanana na na na..


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